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Sunday 28th September – Sponsored Walk in the Mournes

On 21st December last year we had a knock on our door around midnight with the news that everyone fears. Our daughter was the passenger in a road traffic accident and was seriously ill. We were taken to the Royal and told she was undergoing surgery as she had sustained terrible damage to the right side of her brain and other damage to the left with numerous fractures. Her outlook was poor to say the least, but she was still with us.

She spent the next two weeks in an induced coma while we spent our time at her hospital bed watching the countless monitors, trying to find out what we could hope for, and just existing in that bubble. During this time I met a different Nurse every day and every day I was struck by the professional and caring way they looked after my daughter. They took time to tell me how she was, I knew there was no better care she could have. The Doctors took time to tell us what they were doing and what the plan was for her care. They were honest and did not give false hope but the standard of her care always gave us belief.

The months since then have seen a miraculous recovery that we could never have imagined for her and we have been very fortunate were so many are not.

Intensive Care in the Royal is a special place, without it and the people who work there our daughter would have had no hope of surviving let alone recovering the way she has. That recovery is because of the treatment she had in those first weeks and months.

So we have decided to go walking in the Mournes and are asking for sponsorship to raise money for REVIVE because of the people who decided medicine was the career they would take and for all the years of training, studying and sacrifice which come together to save the people you and I love.

The walk will take place on Sunday the 28th September with the mini bus leaving Banbridge at 9am. During the day we will stop for lunch at Lake Shannon so bring your sandwiches! If you would like to take part, further information or sponsor us as I know how generous you are; please text me directly on 07833952212.

Martin McCrory

Because I want to give a little back …

Declan Harrigan has decided to do a year long list of fundraising activities, kicking off with the Glasgow Half Marathon on 5th October 2014.   We will keep you posted on how he gets on and what he plans to do next but in the meantime find out why he has chosen REVIVE by reading his story the on Just Giving Website.

You can also donate to via text by sending DECH82 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to the number 70070.

Thank you all for your support!


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