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The Regional Intensive Care Unit (RICU) at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast helps to save the lives of hundreds of people each year.

The Regional Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit treats over 1500 seriously ill patients each year from all over Northern Ireland and further afield.

Most patients with major trauma, chest and severe head and neck injuries will be transferred, along with many other patients with other severe life-threatening medical conditions. Over 250 staff provide essential care for critically ill patients in RICU.

Revive plays a pivotal role in providing additional equipment and services for patients, additional comfort and support for families and relatives, and additional training and support for staff. In recent years Revive has co-funded important research in the field of Intensive Care Medicine.

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Eye Controlled Computer Gives Patients a Voice in RICU


The presence of breathing tubes in Intensive Care can make reading a patient’s lips and interpreting needs challenging.  Some patients are able to communicate through pen and paper or lip reading, however for many others this is just not possible. Hands may be swollen and they may be very weak, which makes it hard to […]

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